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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are an integral component of a well-balanced fire protection plan. Given the need for safety and compliance with recognized standards, it’s essential to choose a partner you can depend on when it comes to inspection, testing, modification, or repairs to your Fire and Life Safety system(s).

Safeway Facility Services Fire Protection  Division delivers a new caliber of professionalism and expertise to every client, no matter the size of the company or the project at hand. Our staff is comprised of competent and attentive employees who provide an exceptional, unsurpassed level of service.

Our NICET-certified inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of your fire sprinkler system(s) while expediently providing you a comprehensive analysis of the operational condition so that you will be made aware of any system deficiencies that need attention. From that point, our team will apprise you of the associated costs to repair problems noted during the inspection, while also working closely with you to schedule and resolve noted deficiencies, helping ensure your system is always at its peak state of readiness

Types of systems and components serviced:

  • Wet systems

  • Dry systems

  • Pre-action systems

  • Deluge systems

  • High, medium and low expansion foam systems (AFFF)

  • ESFR fire sprinkler systems

  • Fire pumps / fire pump controllers

  • Back flow prevention

  • Fire hydrants and underground fire service mains

  • Standpipe systems


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