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Service and Repair

We offer the following service and repair on:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Hydrants

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Alarm 

  • Backflows 

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Inspection and Testing

With our certified inspectors and reliable service, we provide inspection of your fire and life safety system so you have confidence that they will work when they are needed most.

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You have peace of mind because our team includes fire protection professional engineers, fire protection consultants, and NICET certified designers ensuring to meet any and all requirements you may need.



With a broad understanding of The Fire and Life Safety Industry, along with a passion for excellence, Safeway Fire Protection company had a  vision to ultimately create a streamlined, sole-source solution for the demand he recognized in the marketplace.  Based on the initial positive response from the market, it was evident early on that there was a need for a service provider that could effectively fulfill the broad range of services and compliance requirements faced by nearly all building owners and managers.  While there were many companies providing services in the marketplace, the market was fragmented with the majority of providers delivering either single option services (e.g., just fire sprinkler, fire alarm, or extinguisher) that were producing less than favorable results.

Methodically building on the foundation of the initial success of 15 years experience as a Life Safety Expert. Safeway Fire Protection LLC  was formed.

Today, Safeway provides our premier Fire and Life Safety sales and services to a wide variety of markets. Safeway has built its outstanding reputation as an industry-leading Fire and Life Safety firm committed to delivering quality products and unparalleled service.  Our veteran staff is well-versed in all Fire and Life Safety codes, providing the foundation for our teams to effectively and comprehensively manage our clients’ compliance needs.

The company has earned its position as the trusted Fire and Life Safety provider to numerous high-profile clients.

Safeway Fire Protection carries insurance coverages above and beyond industry standards providing our customers the assurance that we are ready to go to work.



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